Pregnancy After 30

Pregnancy After 30

Congratulations and welcome to the pregnancy after 30 club! Whether its your first pregnancy after 30 or your going through subsequent pregnancies, its a super exciting time knowing you are growing a little person, but its also a times of huge change for your body, mind, relationship and lifestyle.

Pregnancy complications after 30

While there are complications with every pregnancy, the risks of pregnancy after 30 start to increase fairly dramatically. This is especially true for those starting their pregnancy after 35 and even more so for those considering a pregnancy at 40 years old. So what is it that makes these a high risk pregnancy age and what are the pregnancy complications after 30 that we might not have experienced in our 20’s? Let me tell you about the pregnancy after 30 risks and benefits and how I dealt with the issues faced by an older pregnancy.

NIPT test – Should I get genetic testing during pregnancy?

NIPT blood test

Lots of mamas to be these days are undergoing prenatal genetic testing, particularly for a pregnancy over 35 which is considered a high risk pregnancy age for genetic abnormalities. You might have heard of the NIPT blood test (non-invasive prenatal testing), which is a type of genetic testing during pregnancy, usually the first trimester.

I’ll tell you about the genetic testing during pregnancy pros and cons, all the details on NIPT accuracy and cost, and what to expect from your NIPT test results so you can understand your pregnancy risk by age and why genetic testing in pregnancy over 35 is recommended.

A bonus we enjoyed is the the NIPT tests gender so we were able to know the sex of our little bundle at just 11 weeks gestation.

Early pregnancy symptoms

pregnancy complications after 30

Want to know if there are particular early pregnancy symptoms over 40? Can you tell if your’e pregnant based on your body changes? Some woman seem to just know they are pregnant. What about the affects early pregnancy symptoms have on the older body when your experiencing pregnancy after 30. I’ll share my best discoveries for getting through those early pregnancy symptoms so you can get through the work day, keep your pregnancy under wraps until your ready to share it and best enjoy your new pregnancy.