getting pregnant in your 30's

Getting Pregnant in Your 30’s

When I made the decision to try for a baby, I knew getting pregnant at 32 years old might not be simple. I definitely did my research on pregnancy risks by age, how to best prepare my body for pregnancy

Pregnancy After 30

Pregnancy After 30

Congratulations and welcome to the pregnancy after 30 club! Whether its your first pregnancy after 30 or your going through subsequent pregnancies, its a super exciting time knowing you are growing a little person, but its also a times of

having a baby after 30

Having a Baby After 30

You’ve put so much mental energy into getting pregnant, gone through nine months of sushi-less hell where you didn’t dare let a morsel of Camembert cheese pass your lips and finally gone through the most traumatic experience of labour but

Welcome to Pregnancy After 30

Are you considering getting pregnant in your 30’s, trying to conceive or maybe even already pregnant? Welcome to Pregnancy After 30! I am the Almost Geriatric Mama and I created this site for those mamas out there who are looking for answers, advice or just company in the journey of having a baby after 30.

The site came into fruition when I fell pregnant with my first child at 32 years old and realised that while there is a wealth of information and support around pregnancy in general, there wasn’t really anything tailored to pregnancy after 30 and the possible complications of this high risk pregnancy age.

On the site, I’ll share all my getting pregnant after 30 tips and tricks, as well as my personal first time mama stories of getting pregnant at 32 years old. The site has been divided into 3 sections for each stage of your journey. Firstly, Getting Pregnant in Your 30’s. Next, Pregnancy After 30 which covers everything you need to know about actually growing a human and finally Having a Baby After 30 which looks at the 4th trimester of actually raising your new little bundle of joy as a 30-something mama.

Check out my articles on everything from how to prepare the body for pregnancy after 30 to the pregnancy after 30 risks and benefits and what its really like having a baby after 30.

If you’d like to know more about me, check out my About Me page. I look forward to sharing and hopefully helping you in your Pregnancy After 30 journey.

The Almost Geriatric Mama xx