Having a Baby After 30

having a baby after 30

You’ve put so much mental energy into getting pregnant, gone through nine months of sushi-less hell where you didn’t dare let a morsel of Camembert cheese pass your lips and finally gone through the most traumatic experience of labour but now the baby you’ve dreamt of for so long is finally here and you haven’t got a clue what happens next.

Best age to have a baby for a woman

Statistically having a baby at 39 years old or even having a baby at 37 years old is not as easy or uncomplicated as it might have been a decade ago but there are some great reasons for having a baby after 30. On the flip side, there has also got to be some negatives right? Anyone prepared themselves for coaching the under 10’s soccer team in your late 40’s? I’ve got all the pros/cons to having a baby after 35, a baby at 37 years old or even for us 30-something spring chickens.

I had a baby, now what?

having a baby after 30

I remember arriving from the birthing suite to the nursery for baby checks and my midwife leaving me with the nurses only to feel a slight sense of panic. I had no freaking idea what to do with a baby. Sure I’d changed my nephews nappy, babysat a few times and let my niece paint my nails as the “fun auntie” at Christmas but lets face it, I couldn’t even keep plants alive so what chance did I have of giving a little human all it needed. For me it was really a case of you don’t know what you don’t know and that first week was a steep learning curve let me tell you. I’ll take you through some of my parenting journey – the good, the bad and the ugly!