Getting Pregnant After 30 Tips – Part 2

Ok, so in the first part of my getting pregnant after 30 tips I promised some other ideas for getting pregnant in your 30’s and I also said I would sum it all up for you in my Preparing for Pregnancy Checklist. So here we go.

In case you missed the Getting Pregnant After 30 Tips – Part 1 you can read it here. In this first part I talked about ovulation and pregnancy and how this can impact getting pregnant in your 30s. I also covered my best ovulation cycle and pregnancy tips such as using a pregnancy ovulation calendar.

preparing for pregnancy checklist

In this second part of my getting pregnant after 30 tips, I’ll let you know some extra ideas besides your ovulation cycle to help you getting pregnant in your 30s and I’ll give you a preparing for pregnancy checklist to make things easy when making sure you are doing everything you can in your journey to having a baby after 30.

Getting pregnant after 30 tip #6 – Using a sperm friendly lubricant

This is one part of my preparing for pregnancy checklist that I had no idea about until a few months into trying for our first baby. One day I was talking to my sister about my ovulation cycle and her pregnancy tips and she asked if we were using a sperm friendly lubricant. A what? Turns out your everyday lubricant has ingredients and a pH level that may hinder your chances of getting pregnant and some of them even contain a spermicide to help prevent pregnancy. Great if that’s what you’re trying to do but not so much when you’re attempting getting pregnant in your 30s.

preparing for pregnancy checklist

Fast forward to the next month and we used our new sperm friendly lubricant and voila we were pregnant. Coincidence? Maybe, but either way we are definitely using it second time round to assist us. It basically mimics the natural cervical mucus, helping sperm to make it into the cervix to successfully meet the egg so I highly recommend this getting pregnant after 30 tip.

Getting pregnant after 30 tip #7 using the two-day method

Ok so you’ve worked out when you ovulate and pinpointed your most fertile week using the pregnancy ovulation calendar from step #2, its time to go at it like rabbits right? Well maybe, but before you go rushing in to the bedroom, consider adding the two-day method to the preparing for pregnancy checklist as one of our getting pregnant after 30 tips.

getting pregnant after 30 tips

Crazy as it sounds, having sex every day during your fertile window can actually decrease your mans sperm count, so many professionals recommend having sex every other day during the week before ovulation and the week after. The sperm can actually live in your reproductive tract for a few days so this means that even having sex every two days should ensure there will be sperm waiting for the egg when it is released and with any luck this will increase your chances of getting pregnancy in your 30s.

Preparing for Pregnancy Checklist

To sum it all up, here are my top 7 getting pregnant after 30 tips:

  • consider going off the pill a little earlier than you hope to fall pregnant (at least 1-3 months) and let your ovulation cycle get back to its normal timings
  • Use a pregnancy ovulation calendar to help you track ovulation and menstrual periods
  • Use an ovulation test kit to pinpoint ovulation and accurately track it in your pregnancy ovulation calendar
  • Record your basal body temperature each morning and input this into the pregnancy ovulation calendar
  • Assess your cervical mucus at the same time and add this to the pregnancy ovulation calendar as well
  • Use a sperm friendly lubricant that is water based, pH neutral and specially developed to mimic cervical mucus
  • Be sure to have sex every two days during your fertile window to ensure there is always sperm waiting for the egg when it is released
My getting pregnant after 30 tips

Well there you have it, my best getting pregnant after 30 tips. I really hope this has cleared up some misconceptions you may have had about ovulation and pregnancy, maybe you’ve picked up something to try that you weren’t already doing and ultimately that it helps you in your journey to getting pregnant in your 30s. Baby dust to you!